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    Recover from Having Been Cheated On
    Been cheated on and need to recover?
    Learn how to come to terms with having been cheated on.  Understand why this happened to you, and the necessary steps you need to take to successfully move forward with your life - starting right now ... so this NEVER happens to you again.

    Are you the victim of a ...
    • Cheating husband or boyfriend?
    • Cheating wife or girlfriend?
    • Your spouse's Midlife Crisis Affair?
    The answers you need to recover from this tragedy are here!

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    Dear Friend,

    If you've been cheated on, I know first-hand that words cannot possibly describe what you are feeling right now. The emotional pain ... the feelings of betrayal and abandonment ... they are so very foreign.  You want to throw up ... every waking moment.  How could this have happened?  How could something like this have happened TO YOU? How could you possibly have deserved this?  What do you do now?  How do you move forward with your life when you feel this way ... about yourself?  How can you let it all go?  How can you possibly recover from THIS - the ultimate betrayal?

    And if you are married and/or have children with the person who cheated on you - what should you do?  What if he or she is the sole breadwinner in the house?  How do you deal not only with the cheater, but with the emotional and financial aftermath? These issues can be so overwhelming that you become a deer in the headlights ... frozen in time, and not knowing what to do next.  But if you do nothing ... then just like the deer in the headlights, you stand an excellent chance of being run right over ... by the very person who has betrayed you.  And you definitely don't want that to happen.

    signs of cheating
    Well - I am here to tell you that this was not your fault ... that you CAN and WILL get through this ... and that you will wind up being a better person as a consequence of the healing process that I'm going to take you through. It won't be easy ... it will take some time ... but I guarantee that if you follow my advice to the letter, and go through the entire process completely, and to the best of your ability ... then you absolutely will successfully recover from this infidelity.  And - you will ultimately find the happiness that you do deserve.

    The new Second Edition of my book entitled, How to Successfully Recover from Having Been Cheated On will take you through a precise set of steps that will result in your complete recovery from this cheating disaster.  You will learn:
    • SUSPECT infidelity?  I'll show you how to be 100% certain whether it happened, or not.
    • WHY did this infidelity happen? To You??? There are actually a number of causes of infidelity, and many of them have NOTHING to do with you!  We'll look at all of them.
    • Things you need to RECOGNIZE and ACCEPT before you can begin to move forward with your life, after having been cheated on.
    • 16 Actions You Should Take IMMEDIATELY to start getting yourself safely and quickly through all of this mess.
    How to Successfully Recover from Having Been Cheated On book
    You will also learn how to create your own personalized recovery plan, and document it for yourself - so that you continue to learn from your efforts, and fine-tune your actions over time ... so that this NEVER happens to you again.  [Many people repeat the same mistakes, and never learn how to avoid the people and circumstances that lead to infidelity ... but that won't happen to you, if you follow the recovery plan I take you through in this book.] NOT AVAILABLE

    I am Gregory Smith, the author - and I'm also the Founder of ... which since 2007, has coached and counseled thousands of people who have been the victims of midlife crisis affairs, extra-marital affairs, sexual addictions, boyfriend / girlfriend cheating, one-night stands, philandering, etc.  I've come up with a complete and detailed program that leverages everything I've learned about how to effectively recover from cheating ... and that is exactly what I've formalized into this book, How to Successfully Recover from Having Been Cheated On ... and this means that YOU WILL DIRECTLY BENEFIT from the experiences of thousands whose own recovery contributed to what has now been formalized into the program contained in this book.

    Here is a graphical depiction of how your recovery from having been cheated on is about to take shape ...

    Cheated On Recovery Process

    Notice that TODAY you are at the very beginning of your journey out of this mess ... by reading this, you are starting to build your FOUNDATION or LAUNCH PAD from which your recovery will soon begin to take off from.  It really is a PROCESS that I will be taking you through ... and there is definitely a lot to it all.  You do have to start at the very bottom and work your way up - in order to successfully create the foundation for the success that is now in front of you.

    • How to know for sure that you've actually been cheated on?  You don't want to jump to any unnecessary conclusions - so we'll go through different types of proof ... including SOLID PROOF vs. EYEWITNESS vs CIRCUMSTANTIAL ... plus we'll look at whether you should simply ASK YOUR PARTNER if he or she has cheated on you?  We'll look at the infidelity in the context of a midlife crisis - how that can affect everything. We'll even look at mental or emotional affairs ... where nothing physical may have actually happened ... but should this really count as cheating???
    caught in bed together
    • Why did this infidelity happen - to you?  The likelihood of cheating increases under certain conditions - learn what they are, and how they apply to your relationship.  Plus - many times an infidelity is a product of a combination of YOUR ACTIONS, YOUR PARTNER'S ACTIONS, and/or ISSUES YOUR PARTNER HAS.  We'll explore all of these AND ALSO look at some of the actual, individual causes of affairs. There is never just one reason why an affair occurred - it's always due to a collection of things happening simultaneously.  Understanding WHY the infidelity happened is the first step toward building a meaningful recovery for yourself!
    How could this happen to me
    • Universal truths about cheating to RECOGNIZE and ACCEPT before you can move forward.  I've found that there are 10 different "truths" that exist and apply to ALL RECOVERIES FROM CHEATING ... and which you need to understand, accept, and fully embrace before you can truly begin your own recovery.  I'll give you 2 of the 10 right here as a quick introduction ... This is NOT your fault.  Here's another - You cannot change someone else's feelings. There is actually A LOT to each of these truths - so mentioning 2 of them right here doesn't mean you can fully understand or accept them just yet ... that's really what the depth of this book is all about ... exploring those 2 truths plus the other 8 in great detail, and helping you figure out how they each apply to you and your own recovery.

    • 16 specific actions you must take in order to successfully recover from the infidelity.  After first going through the steps above (confirmation of the affair, then understanding WHY it happened, then recognizing and accepting the 10 universal truths), you are then ready to take on the 16 separate and specific actions that will get you through this unfortunate crisis quickly and successfully.  And you will wind up a happier person in the process.  You can even achieve total happiness when all of the pain associated with this infidelity is in your rear view mirror for good.  This book will show you the way.

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    How to Electronically SPY
    on your Cheating Lover

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